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mccullough's can co-author of the new turkey and its discontents gave us his views on the situation this is it to end if we can thaw mistrust between turkey and the united states and in general nato turkey has been calling to nato been best to take an action there is no cooperation between the turkey and united states the biggest friend of turkey is actually i think the biggest enemy of turkey today turkey is trying to create more options approaching to russia or thaw it seems like turkey is trying to lead to make a deal with the start so you want to be more influential to speak up the future of the syria patient northern syria is all about the relationship between them of course and their position to i.p.g. it is they will work together or they prefer to. rallies against the military operation have been held in turkey as well as
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a number of european countries police in istanbul broke up a gathering and a detained at least a dozen people. britain's top army official has claimed russia represents the biggest threat since the cold war general nick carter called for more funding to bolster u.k. capabilities the arch exponent of this is russia i believe it represents the most complex and capable state based threat to our country since the end of the cold war they represent a clear and present danger they are not thousands of miles away they are now on europe store. i believe our ability to preempt all respond to these threats will be eroded if we don't match up to them now we cannot afford to sit back. well
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military chiefs are asking for more money for new equipment is hardly groundbreaking is pretty standard practice however this time it was the acting head of the army normally it's retired generals so nick carr said was risking annoying his paid marsters with this plea for more funding the purpose of the speech was to warn of the dangers of under-investment in the u.k.'s military especially the dangers of failing to keep up with the russian defense spending he spoke of what he called russia's orthodox and hybrid warfare and one thing in the speech that was certainly an orthodox was this video clip take a listen no indication of the scale of the most issues it's clear from a three minute video clip i'm not going to show you this was run on russian t.v. a couple of years ago you don't need to understand the russian disapprove the sense of the tone of the commentary uses the movie going to be used you think you that you lose the use leading you to see the movie so you have him there saying take
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a listen to this audiobook ordering of a russian defense ministry video talking about investment for new weapons but certainly in our news room which may not be a good indicator we are arty after all but it caused a few people to scratch their heads wondering what they were playing on whether they were playing into this sort of stereotype of russia being aggressive and of being hell bent on world domination after all nobody could understand that video clip other than hearing the russian language now nick carter isn't the first person to talk about russia as a threat in military terms just in december the head of the u.k.'s defense staff was also rallying for more money when he was talking about the threat of russia cutting vital undersea cables now none of this is really ruffled downing street vendors including this speech today a spokesperson for downing street as the prime. office said that the u.k.
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defense budget is the highest in europe and the issues outlined by carter are already being addressed it's also worth pointing out that when they're not asking for more money members of the u.k. military tend to be somewhat more blunt as a about the whole russia thing last summer the venza secretary michael mullen he joked that moscow was probably jealous of the prince's new state of the art craft carrier because russia's is pretty dilapidated and at the same time today you've got the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson he's meeting for talks with his u.s. counterpart rex tillerson they're going to be talking about iran north korea and syria russia isn't on the agenda security analysts to trolls troubridge are told the biggest threat facing the u.k. military is under investment not russian aggression. what we've got here is a situation where interestingly today even those sections of the u.k.
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media play up the so-called russian threat amongst the headlines months the deeper insight that analysis pieces on this speech from that car today there's some degree of cynicism about what it is that he's actually saying and the reason for that is because of this conflict this below the surface conflict that is going on and particularly acute at this time when a defense spending review is underway about to get under way yet another phase of the british state of the british military in terms of the number of its personnel the number the amount of its equipment and the quality of that quick money is at a pitifully low level and that is a situation entirely of the u.k. defense establishment is making because they have instead of opting for equipping soldiers who are the best equipment and numbers they have chosen very expensive capital projects such as the two o'clock hour this now supplies will be the pride of the navy despite the fact i won't have aircraft even on them for some years and of course the try to nuclear deterrent both of which eats up
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a vast proportion of the defense budget u.s. congress has passed a stopgap bill to end a government shutdown we'll bring you that live report on that after a short break you are watching attentional. it's. what. put themselves on the lawn. to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be rich. it's a going to be close this is what the full story of the more people get. interested always in the logs. are welcome back this is archie international now the u.s. house of representatives has approved a short term funding bill to end a partial government shutdown republicans and democrats have been locked in a standoff over the fate of undocumented immigrant we can now cross live to our correspondent caleb mop in the who is in the u.s. forest cover boy lot has been happening kind of behind the scenes to make this stop
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gap measure happen caleb to bring us up to date. well yes now at this point both houses of the u.s. legislature have approved a bill that would bring the government back into functioning the house just recently followed after the senate and they both have passed a bill now the bill would long the children's health insurance program and it would also bring the government back into function for at least the next two weeks and allow further negotiations to take place the votes that came down in the house of representatives it was two hundred sixty six two hundred fifty and in the senate it was eighty one to eighteen now as of yet in order for the u.s. federal government to get back into motion donald trump would need to go ahead and actually sign this law and then at that point after three days of a government shutdown the u.s. federal government would be in motion now at the moment we understand that members
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of trump's cabinet figures from the trumpet ministration have actually held off and are not going to the dave o's economic forum because of the shutdown of the government furthermore all we know that the u.s. statue of liberty an iconic symbol of the united states is functioning but it's functioning and being paid for by new york state not by the federal government because of the shutdown now we also want to further illustrate exactly what it means that the u.s. federal government is being shut down so take a look at what this really means. america knows this is the trump shutdown this is still sure a shutdown so let's get that nice little ring to it doesn't it senate democrats shut down this government a big fat failure yes. thanks
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. unfortunately we cannot see your call today because congressional democrats are holding government funding to an honorably need immigration to be heated with instructions the government shutdown. now from what we understand that voicemail message that you heard has been taken off it's no longer being played at the moment in the lead up to the voting we heard in both the house and the u.s.
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senate we heard democrats and republicans blaming each other for the shutdown and now this government shutdown has not been without an international reaction we actually heard from china an article was published in chinese state media talking about how essentially there appeared to be kind of a spirit of non-cooperation in washington d.c. now the article that was published in chinese media went on to talk about how the government shutdown was kind of a slap in the face to donald trump and from there it went on to talk about how the you know the trumpet ministration has undone many of the key policies of dumb trumps predecessor barack obama now the article went on to point out that around the world the usa and their political system is up held as kind of an icon as a system that is just an ideal it's the best way for countries to operate in this is kind of the view of what they call the developed world of the u.s. political process but they pointed to the government shutdown and the extreme disagreements and the kind of gridlock in washington and in the chinese press it
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was widely argued that this was a sign of political chaos and a chaotic system being in place in washington d.c. . all right thanks carol we know that as a story develops the fall out from both sides starts making its way to the media you'll be staying across it for us all right there in the states for us. prison officers across france have blockaded dozens of jails in protest over a lack of security that after numerous attacks by inmates on staff. this is a nationwide strike of prisons across france with the union saying that around one hundred thirty of france's one hundred eighty eight prisons took place in this particular strike now europe's largest prison which is just south of paris the protesters there actually blockaded the prison with tires with wooden pallets they burnt them afterwards that something that we have seen at other prisons across
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france as well quite a normal tactic to block those prisons now this is now the eighth day of these nationwide blockades and this comes after just over a week ago there was an attack on three security guards at a prison in the north of france by a man who's a convicted terrorist now that sparked off these latest process but since then in the last week or so they have been several other incidents at prisons in france including an incident on sunday in which two guards were assaulted again now the unions and the prison guards themselves say that they want more working conditions to be more secure for the dangerous prisoners for those prisoners who've been radicalised to be isolated in the jails. we continue because today there is nothing few things that have been announced by the chancery in the trade unions the staff of rejected entirely we're blocking everything we're blocking the prison.
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in terms of security we want concrete things including materials the prison staff to work safe. well of course prison guards and police officers are normally on the same side of the fence defend. justice but in this occasion they're actually on different sides of the fence different sides of the opinion and what we have seen is conflicts and clashes between the two including tear gas being used at times take a look at some of what's been happening outside the prisons in france was. there or. was. it was. the. president himself has offered to unveil
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a radical reform of prisons across france that is due to be unveiled at the end of next month but it's going to come a long way away from this process which looks set to continue unions again on monday night called for yet another day of blockades outside france's presence. household chores can take on a whole new meaning when you're floating in the zero gravity russian cosmonaut was filmed using a vacuum cleaner on the international space station and space is cool. you know. i did. you're watching international credit have you with us will be back in about thirty four minutes with more news.
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hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle well the four page memo detailing extensive five's of cord to be used changed the course of what is known as russia gate also does the trumpet ministration syria policy make any sense and who is the real bully. or the media. cross talking real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have alex christopher oh he's the director and writer for the duran dot com and we have dimitri bobbitt she's
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a political analyst with sputnik international or a gentleman as usual crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate alex let me go to you first this four page memo now if you watch fox it means something and it means something big you watch c.n.n. you might not even hear about it is this a partisan thing or is there is something they are there to be honest we don't really know yet do we i mean you have fox which is building it up as explosive scandal is bring down the obama administration is going to connect obama to the d.o.j. to the f.b.i. to the clinton campaign that they were spying on trump they were surveilling they were surveilling trump and you have c.n.n. i'm sad to see gore saying there's nothing there i mean the the only thing you can really do is release that memo and glenn greenwald is calling to release the memo a lot of news a lot of people from drill into such everybody saying we've got to release the memo because we don't really know laura ingram said on her show that there's one democrat who has read this memo which is located some secret room. for classified
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information one democrat while all the republicans actually got through that memo they're shocked and that's a quote they're shocked at what they read nor what you make of all this yeah it's hard to know what to make of it because of the part of the nature of the russia gate scandal that it concerns one thing we have to say that we can all yell hash tag release the memo it's so popular right now but it's the republican controlled congress that can release the memo or trump's white house that can order the memo declassified and release it to everyone if they want it released will then release it already stop trying to make a public theater out of it let's see if there's really is i mean what i understand they're going to go through a process will take like nineteen days for it to be released ok well that's ninety days for this partisan. lunchroom fight to continue ok i mean it we'll see but you know one of the interesting things is that all while the new this new phase of
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bill the seven hundred two bill that allows the n.s.a. to continue this process of surveillance i mean the irony of ironies here because it was probably because. i know too that allowed something like this to happen they renewed it signed it where was the debate no well it's there was no adult then to say we'll continue spine and this whole russia gate story will continue. wiretapping of americans what what what what what i'm interested in is where will people understand this is just i mean. rush of meddling in the elections in france serbia italy well ladyship. was. just and these were serious an american politician saying that it was not just on paper you know saying that all russia could possibly.
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elections. well there are also smaller countries like much to doing and they're afraid that you know you can. convince our viewers right now that the united states and its security agencies are not trying to affect russia's upcoming presidential election well absolutely. out of the question you know there are such beautiful people there you know all the story of when not all neat you know is. who he is now vallone is a racist. participant in the so-called russian marxists so he's he's considered by many other ways of the old liberal but he's quote unquote liberal leader of the anti putin and put in a position and the anti-corruption chris say days he's presented the last why it's been convicted for fraud or french guzman why is it being connected for fraud in shady business deals and they he has a problem with. a french perfume company and not with the russian go on there with
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russian companies however it's an interesting case when the united states decided to throw all they want with the nationalist with a racist you know this is a new technology. and they did it in ukraine they did it in the middle east but in russia they're probably doing it for the first time which will make this election cycle maybe interesting maybe because they go back to the tropics which is interesting because for the last week when we hear about trump that he's unstable mentally that he's sick is he going to last you know off four years or eight years get on the scale and show us your way so that you have the whole media even despite that even if. this guy is going to be president physically mentally but to give them unlimited powers to spy and surveillance they gave him an unprecedented military budget voted both by democrats and republicans so you can see going back to what you said the absurdity of it all well let's talk about another blank check here let's talk about syria mark you followed probably better than anyone i know.
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the more i read about what the u.s. is trying to do in syria the more i do not understand other than intentional destabilization. of the country forever so that's what they've been doing for the last six years it legally arming training and salary militants allied with al-qaeda to overthrow the syrian government the trump administration finally after months in ended that obama policy but they doubled down on supporting the kurds which are affiliated with the white p.g. which the u.s. has listed as a terrorist group largely because of its insurgent actions in turkey against the turkish regime of earlier but what we're having now diem is that we have the us sowing the turks and the kurds under the bus the same bus i mean the contradictions the more you look at it the more the contradictions are are jarring ok well the
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problem is they're trying to remove. my and their diversity who was actually not in syria before two thousand they were with the united states and you have lost you which. you know a country at least four times more important than syria and iraq the u.s. and absolutely they have already lost you know their policy was so destructive not only destroyed syria it also destroyed their own released input it will continue oh it's one of the things is if we looked at what secretary tillerson had to say about syria which i thought it was like a visit to the twilight zone and could make a whole program on it but the the there will be a embargo a blockade a sanction against rebuilding syria the u.s. will actively push that for us the refugees that left that went to europe will not be able to come back because they'll be nothing to come back to so this perpetuates this problem. exactly and will it will actually see
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because it won't be any reconstruction more. more refugees flooding into europe with i mean again who are the winners in all of this i don't see anyone just because the united states is trying to fight. assad iran and russia parties in europe. the united states and they you hate so much i mean they will be asking these questions and then the mainstream media and they will say russians russians are sprayed all but he was and it is so obvious i mean could you not have seen that turkey would never ever in a million years allow any sort of kurdish state quasi state border security forces whatever they call it under their country of presence underneath turkey of thirty million kurds in turkey there was no way turkey would ever allow it in a million years they don't see this truck campaigned on ending the process of nation building ending the process of euphemism of democracy promotion and ending
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regime changes which he said as as counterproductive and destructive to u.s. policy across the middle east he also said what are we doing in syria if hillary clinton has her way we will be starting world war three with russia in syria over al-qaeda and this is the trump administration has compete clearly capitulated to the only guns and they're running trams foreign policy tillerson now sit and permanent in deafening as you opened it with terry occupation of syria their goals are now open to regime change once again back to the obama era confronting iran because iran is not allowed to have influence in syria no matter what damascus said i think tillerson should give us a list of the countries in the world that are allowed to decide who their allies are and which ones aren't because it's always complained in eastern europe that countries are allowed to ally with and join nato if they want but syria's not
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allowed to ally with iran he wouldn't say they're going to go i think we need to. wayne to all of you who might not watch the news in the days what happened in syria what happened was a turkish invasion. it is a factor it is a fact that the russian forces have removed themselves from the area that is actually or but it was a response to what do the united states claim that they are going to create this huge talk called border security consulting the turks without even consulting the. sport you can a national who can interview from the former you can bet so that the syria peter ford who said the forwarding which i think is pretty exotic to the united states has been trying to prevent syria from stabilizing itself as huge interest over in state now they see and way off partially implemented by encouraging the formation of a kurdish state and so their response to it was of the. essential i think we have to explain to our viewers this is a an attempt at partitioning syria permanently. shootout
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and an american at the same end to be has would say that the saudis and the israelis here there is again we our viewers have to understand it's very clear the united states has no geopolitical national interest in syria and the american forces are there or are there illegally under international law there was no united nations security council authorization of you has ruled on it and turkey is violating the sovereignty also if you don't stand that the u.s. making things was because they reported that we will provide economic aid only to the areas which are not on the control of the syrian government that board a ship or picture the brezhnev's of refugees in the countries like germany france so next time well merkel will be telling to you all there was simply no way i couldn't accept that if you geez i hope the german voters will tell her.


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